The Bigger Picture…

Even though I had made lots of personal progress by cutting out fast fashion, reducing my plastic usage and eliminating animal products from my diet, I still felt like I should be doing more. One of the main struggles I was facing was that it felt like I was up against the world all by … Read more

Animal Agriculture: Human Nature?

Animal Agriculture The last and probably most important step for me was to change my diet. Now I know this is a controversial subject but it’s one that needs to be addressed; animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, habitat loss, species extinction, fresh water usage and ocean dead zones. This is not propaganda, … Read more

Is Plastic Fantastic?

Plastic is amazing. It’s so versatile and can be really hard-wearing, but this also means it takes hundreds of years to deteriorate and break down. This can result in the clogging up of landfills and can seriously affect wildlife, and many items will degrade into microplastics which end up getting washed into the ocean and … Read more

Fast Fashion? Bad Decision.

The first step of my sustainable journey was to drastically change how I shopped. I was a sucker for fast fashion. I’d spend money ordering clothes online that I would only wear once, or buy cheap products that wouldn’t last. Although shops like Primark and H&M might seem appealing with their low prices, they are … Read more

Be the Change You Want to See

For a long time, I had been semi-conscious of the effects that human behaviour was having on the planet. Looking back, I guess I was too lazy to do any proper research and too comfortable to do anything about it. But at the start of 2019, I watched a few documentaries (Climate Change: The Facts, A … Read more