About Veggie Dev

At Veggie Dev our priority is providing excellent service to our customers while carrying out sustainable practices and reducing our CO2 emissions.

We already know how to provide the best services to our clients, but what changes have we made to focus on a greener future?

Our main eco-friendly practices involve:

  • arranging virtual meetings so as to reduce emissions produced by transport (face to face meetings are of course available if needed!)
  • our employees working from home, so no nasty pollution from commuting to the office every day
  • using more environmentally friendly vehicles when travelling for client meetings
  • reducing the amount of paper usage by taking notes electronically
  • having an ethical framework and working alongside charities at a discounted rate
  • trying to, wherever possible, reduce the amount of waste produced
  • reduced plastic usage and consumption
  • our employees following vegan diets and lifestyles